June 23, 2010:
New site: v3.0

Many thanks to Andreas for this great new website template! You can find his website here:

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For anyone remotely interested in the person behind this website, a few more details can be found here.

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Almost everything! It's a completely new/rebuilt site, folks.

Welcome to the new ZL2PD website!

Like a phoenix reborn from the ashes, this is a completely updated version of my old website, previously hosted on Geocities. When Geocities closed down, my website evaporated too. I was busy with some other work, and some new designs, and the website was entered on my list of things to do.

After receiving a continual stream of email requests for some of the material from the old website, eventually I figured out that it would actually save me time and effort if I rebuilt and relaunched the website. There were also some more new designs that might be of interest, and some recently published articles needed a website so readers could download the related software.

It was time to get the new ZL2PD website organised! Having so much material now to put up on the site, it was also time for some refurbishment. A brighter cleaner look to the site.

So, here it is. It been long overdue, I know. Thanks for your patience. I hope you enjoy the new site, and the new projects.

What's Here?

This website describes a variety of projects related to my hobbies of amateur radio and electronics. These include circuit diagrams, descriptions of how they work and what they do, PCB layouts (sometimes), construction details, and software for designs which use microprocessors or microcontrollers.

For the record, the microprocessor designs here use 8051 and AVR chips including 80C552, 80C751, 80C51, 80C52, AT89C1021, AT89C2015, AT89C4015, ATtiny15, ATtiny2313, ATtiny26, and so on. Almost all of my software is written in assembler.

New Designs

Example image - aligned to the right

Not only is all of my old material back from the internet wilderness, or where ever it is that website content goes when hosting servers get turned off, but this new site has also allowed me to upload a number of new designs.

These new designs include:

Complete details of all of the original projects are also now back online here. These include:

And there's more to come, provided I can get the soldering iron working over the camp fire.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the new (and old) projects and designs.


Example image - aligned to the right

For those wanting more information about some of the projects, feel free to email me. The email is shown over on the upper right hand side of this page.

But please accept my apologies for the often slow response to your emails. Despite appearances to the contrary, I do have a ‘day job’. It keeps me very busy, and that's one reason why replies can be a bit slow at times.

The other reason for my slow response time is due to travel . I travel quite extensively, sometimes for months at a time, and occasionally into some fairly isolated parts of the planet. As a result, I simply cannot reply to emails as frequently or as promptly as I would like.

Look, even checking my email can be a challenge at times. First, I'll have to find an elephant, or a donkey. Then, I’ve got to put the riding harness on him, her, um... and then travel to the nearest place with internet access...

Well, OK, so I exaggerate, but you get the idea.

Still, feel free to email me. I do reply, eventually, and sometimes remarkably quickly. Provided I don't lose the oars over the side of the canoe on the way to get the elephant, provided my GPS is working, and if I can get the generator started, and if the matches don't get wet again...

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