June 29, 2010:
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October 30, 2014:
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30.10: Lots of new projects have been added

Time for an Update

It's been some time since the last update of my website. Well, better late than never. Besides, the longer it takes, the more projects can be developed, tested, documented, and (finally) published here.

Details about building a new HF SSB transceiver has been added, a matching ATU, as well as a digital thermometer for your office desk with a colourful binary display. It's been an instant eye-catcher around the office, and a great way to introduce others to electronics.

And there are many other new designs that have been added too.  Adding them all up, I've documented 15 new designs in this upgrade. Phew! They are all listed below, and in the clickable column over there to the left. Yes, I've been a little bit busy!

What's on this Website?

My website describes a variety of projects related to my hobbies of amateur radio and electronics. These include circuit diagrams, descriptions of how they work and what they do, PCB layouts (sometimes), construction details, and software for designs which use microprocessors or microcontrollers.

For the record, the microprocessor designs here use the AVR chips including the ATtiny15, ATtiny25, ATtiny45 and ATtiny85, ATtiny2313, ATtiny26, ATmega8, as well as some earlier designs which use 8051 processors including the 80C552, 80C751, 80C51, 80C52, AT89C1051, AT89C2051, and AT89C4051, and so on. Almost all of my 8051 software is written in assembler while the AVR code is a mix of assembler and BASCOM (Basic).

New Designs

New projects and designs added in this latest website upgrade include:

  • A high performance audio signal generator
  • A pulse width modulated (PWM) test generator
  • A four-digit LED frequency counter made from a
    modified Maplin (UK) alarm clock kit

    Example image - aligned to the right

  • A desktop thermometer with binary display
  • An old-school CMOS digital frequency display dial and a matching programmable CMOS crystal reference oscillator
  • An analog permeability-tuned VFO (PTO VFO)
  • My experience with building the Watford Lydford SSB transceiver kit
  • A DDS VFO for the Lydford transceiver using one of those cheap Chinese AD9850 DDS modules, and
  • A "silent tuning" QRP antenna tuning unit (ATU)
I've got another couple of designs I working on at the moment. I'd like to make the audio oscillator even better (I have a few ideaas I want to try) and .... Well, there are a few more projects waiting in the pipeline. I've just got to finish off the last few little details... 


Example image - aligned to the right

For those wanting more information about any of these projects, feel free to email me. The email is shown over there on the upper right hand side of this page.

Just be warned - I might take a little time to answer your email sometimes. I might be out the back, feeding the camels, testing a new antenna, or at my workbench playing with a new design.

Or maybe I'm at the office, actually working at my day job, and trying to earn eoungh money to pay for the parts in my next design.

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